Julia Clowney LCSW

Are you drawn to holistic and alternative approaches to health care?

Do you use yoga, acupuncture, homeopathy or other natural healing techniques, or are you interested in exploring them?
Are you looking for a therapist to assist you in your search to find meaning and purpose in your life as you work to rid your life of negativity, depression or anxiety?

Do you know there is an unlimited source of insight and wisdom within you – and want a therapist who can help you tap into it?

A Holistic Approach

The mainstream medical approach may not be your first preference.  Psychiatric medications and diagnosis-centered therapy might not be the best match for you.  You may have tried them or are using them now and find you’re still suffering and want more for yourself.  Working with a therapist who has knowledge of both the conventional and alternative treatment options for depression, anxiety or excessive stress can help you make the best decisions – and feel supported when you do.

An Empowering Approach

Julia Clowney, LICSW, offers psychotherapy that lifts you beyond your current ideas of who you are and what you can accomplish – because you are more and can accomplish more than you currently believe is possible.  That’s true for almost everyone.

Many quantum physicists, scientists, spiritual leaders, scholars, healers and philosophers are communicating one consistent idea throughout time.  Their message?Our thoughts affect our lives.  What you think about, what you focus on – that’s what comes into your life.  And what you ignore and think is impossible — very rarely comes into your life.

People can sometimes feel held back.  We can have deep-seated beliefs that crop up again and again to derail us; feelings and outcomes seem immovable, inevitable or out-of-control.  In therapy, we’ll explore ways that you can learn to affect your own reality and truly change the course of your life, forever – with or without medication.

Julia incorporates a body-centered approach called Hakomi into her practice.  This means gently using mindfulness in the therapy session.  Being aware of and curious about the present moment, instead of just the past or the future, to find clarity and ways to release old ways of being that are no longer serving you.

Finally Moving Forward

Have you had a therapist before, for months or even years, and feel like things haven’t really changed in your life?  You are ultimately responsible for your own progress in therapy.  However, it can really make a difference when you chose a therapist who addresses your past memories, traumas and disappointments completely and respectfully, then moves on!  Focusing on what you want, your best life possible, rather than focusing on your problems can be a dramatically different experience.

How have others done this?

A client of mine had been dealing with a traumatic event from his childhood.  The people involved in the event were still in his life and he often felt trapped in sadness and paranoia.  When he came to me, he explained there was nothing that could be done because he had tried everything to change the people who had been involved in the upsetting event.

By exploring his thoughts and beliefs about the event and these people, he was able to find a new perspective and release old patterns that kept tearing him down.  He said the approach we took was instrumental in his ability to move past the pain and into a new, healthier place.  No, he couldn’t control the others in his life, but he discovered he could control his own feelings and his own reactions.  Harnessing the power we have in ourselves, instead of reaching for that which we can never control, is the key.

Can this work for me?

You might be thinking to yourself… “My life is really difficult right now.  It’s so bad in fact that I have to find a therapist to help me make it through!”  Or you could think, instead, “I’m struggling right now and this is an amazing opportunity to find a therapist who can help me grow in ways I never imagined!

Which makes you feel better just thinking the thought?

This sounds good.What’s the next step?

You can look through the rest of this website.  There’s more information about me, links to fascinating resources and a place to sign-up to receive the latest articles I have written.  It’s free and will give you a greater insight into how I work, and how my process can work for you. (I never sell or distribute your email information.)

Start by opening your mind

Choosing a therapist is a big deal.  I understand that.  I want you to feel comfortable and confident with your choice.  To make that possible, I offer a free 10-minute phone consultation.  This offers you the chance to ask any questions you have about my fees, my credentials, your needs or my approach.  You can call me directly at 651-797-4359.

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